Have a venomous snake in your home call a 24 hour Snake Catcher in Logan city City


Logan snake catchers is a 24 hour day a week snake removal service servicing the Logan and all surrounding surburbs in Brisbane areas. As snake catchers we have a deep level of commitment, and are professionals snake catchers in the field.


What do do if you see a snake


Firstly Don’t panic, If you encounter a snake in your home back yard, school, or work place you should not approach it keep an eye on it from a very safe distance and call in a snake catcher in Logan city. Keep the doors closed to the backyard and keep your pets and children inside. If you find the snake in a room in your home, first close the door and then put damp towels down to stop the snake from coming through the door, then call N&S Snake Catcher 0415136941.

Don’t try to kill or catch the snake for risk of being bitten and needing medical attention or at worst they have a close call with the snake. It is against the law to try and catch or kill a snake. It is much wiser to call on a Logan city snake catcher to come and relocate the Snake.


If you see a venomous snake in your backyard or home in Logan City contact professional snake catcher in Logan City


Respect the wildlife, don’t try to catch any snake 95% of people that try and catch snakes or kill them are the ones that get bitten, call and leave it for experience logan snake catcher to do the job.

Think about the fact that there’s a potentially life-threatening risk to your health and safety and the health and safety of anyone who comes and try to catch a snake that is unlicensed snake catcher and chances of been bitten and end up in hospital.. Please call a snake catcher for safe removal of snake from your home.

Don’t know what snake it is?

All you need to is to take a photo of the snake if you can from a safe distance 2 meters and zoom your camera and send a clear photo of the snake to our professional logan snake catcher so that they can identify what type of snake it is and tell you whether it is venomous or not.Then call our friendly snake catchers for a safe removal of the snake.


If you’ve found a venomous snake contact N&S Snake Catcher, we are a 24 hour snake catcher in Logan city. We’re always available to ethically relocate venomous and non-venomous snakes. Call Us today Logan city Snake Catchers N&S Snake Catchers.