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There is great variation between individuals within a single species of snake. The descriptions below are based on general characteristics. It can be difficult for people to positively identify snakes. Never approach snakes and never assume that they are non-venomous. If your unsure what snake it is treat it as a venomous snake and please leave it for our highly trained snake Catcher to positively identify the snake for you. Contact our highly trained professional Snake Catcher as N&S Snake Catcher are licensed by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and are comprehensively insured giving you not only the reassurance of an experienced snake handler but the knowledge you are dealing with someone with all adequate cover. Call N&S Snake Catcher Ipswich, Brisbane & Logan today 0415136941.

Snakes of greater Brisbane

Below are the most common Snakes we are removing from homes, yards, schools, businesses in the Ipswich, Brisbane and Logan and surrounded areas:


Eastern Brown Snake. Highly Venomous

Coastal Carpet Python Snake. Non Venomous

Yellow-Faced Whip Snake. Mildly Venomous

Red-Bellied Black Snake. Highly Venomous

Common Tree Snake. Non Venomous

Brown Tree Snake. Mildly Venomous

Small-eyed Snake. Highly Venomous

Keelback Snake. Non Venomous

White-crowned snake. Weakly Venomous

Marsh Snake. Mildly Venomous

Golden-crowned snake Weakly Venomous


Here is some information and photos on snake identification. N&S Snake Catcher’s catch and remove snakes from homes and businesses in the Brisbane, Brisbane North, Ispwich, Logan and all surrounding areas in SE Queensland.

Book in today for N&S Snake Catcher for a yard inspections or a roof inspections, as 1 in 3 houses will have a carpet python in their roof, specially during winter time as its a perfect warm spot for snakes to curl up to keep warm. Contact our friendly Brisbane, Ipswich & Logan snake catcher today on 0415136941 today.

Yellow- Faced Whip Snake (Demansia Psammophis)

Length up to 1 meter, Yellow faced pale to Olive- greyish green with reddish flush along or longitudinal stripes along front third of body, belly usually greyish green, face with distinctive markings pale cream or yellow rim around eye with dark, comma like marking curving back below the eye, and dark pale edge line up on of the snout, running from nostril to nostril, very slender with whip like tail. Potentially dangerous especially if children involved, bites cause localised pain.


White Crowned Snake (Cacophis Harriettae)

Length up to 70cm slender snake, dark grey or olive colour, white band across nape and around rim eye to tip of snout and enclosing black patch on top of head. They are Nocturnal found beneath rocks, logs, and leaf litter, retaining walls. Weakly Venomous, apply correct first aid and seek medical attention.


Snake Season Brisbane 2019

February and March generally have a few surprises for snake catchers in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and surrounds. Here are a few recent encounters for our snake catchers. Last month a Carpet Python was removed from a kindergarten in Springfield Lakes, south west of Brisbane. This cheeky carpet python found itself a nice hiding spot behind…


Small-Eyed Snake (Crypotohis Nigrescens)

Length up to 1 meter, glossy black, with pink, cream or occasionally grey belly, sometimes with dark spot, small black eyes. Nocturnal snake. Highly Venomous bites from this species should be treated immediately, apply first aid and seek medical attention.


Red-Naped Snake (Furina Diadema)

Length to 40cm, reddish brown colour other netted patterning, belly is white, head and neck is glossy black, with a orange bean shaped marking on nape. Nocturnal snake. Weakly Venomous.


Red Bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis Porphriacus)

Length 1.5 meter. Black expect for tip of snout which is paler brown. It’s belly is red flush, brighter on the sides and paler in the middle each belly scale with black hind edge, tail black on underside.
Highly Venomous, bites from this species should be treated immediately and treated with correct first aid.


Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis Signata)

Length up to 70cm, olive to brown black colour, belly dark brown or grey colour, two prominent pale yellowish stripes on side of face one extending along the upper lip, the other from eye to neck. Active day and night, Mildly Venomous treat with caution. All bites should be treated with correct first aid and seek medical attention.


Keelback Snake (Tropidonophis Mairii)

Length up to 1 meter. Grey, black or olive colour with irregular dark broken cross bands, bands may be broken. Belly cream pale rusty colour with orange flush edges. Active day and night.
Non Venomous.


It’s Snake Breeding & Egg Laying Season in Queensland

Snake breeding and egg laying season in Queensland The weather in Ipswich, Logan, Brisbane and surrounds is getting hotter and hotter, and snakes are coming out; and homeowners need to be aware of that. In fact, at N&S Snake Catchers we have increased calls for snakes from homes in the past few months alone spanning…