Snake Removal Services Brisbane

N&S Snake Catcher’s provides fast 24hr 7 days a week snake removal highly experienced snake handlers Services Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan and all surrounding areas.

Brisbane is a home to Twenty-Seven species of terrestrial snakes are found in Brisbane. Some of these snakes we are Removing from homes, backyards school and house roofs in the Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and all surrounding suburbs. Call our friendly and afforable Snake Removal Services Ipswich, Brisbane and Logan and surrounding areas. 0415136941

Snakes Removals Services are:

Carpet Python Non Venomous.
Common Tree Snake Non Venomous.
Keel Back Snake Non Venomous.
Eastern Brown Snake second most Highly
Venomous snake in the world.
Coastal Taipan Snake Highly Venomous.
Red Belly Black Snake Highly Venomous.
Small Eyed Snake Highly Venomous.
Brown Tree Snake Midly Venomous.
Yellow Faced Whip Snake Midly Venomous.
Marsh Snake Midly Venomous.
White Crowned Snake Weakly Venomous.

Tips in what you should do to keep your yard and home well maintained when it’s snake season..


Make your backyard unsuitable for snakes by having garden beds away from the house. Keep the lawn well maintained and low in height.Clean up leaf litter as snake find a nice spot to hide under.


Stop snakes entering your home by screening doors and windows, and blocking all potential entry points.

If a snake finds its way into your home, close the door and placed damp towels under door so the snake can not escape the room. Don’t panic, give our friendly Snake Removal Services Brisbane N&S Snake Catcher a call 0415136941. 24 hour snake removal service.

Never interfere with snakes. They will defend themselves. A high proportion of snakebites have resulted from people trying to handle, interfere with or kill snakes.

Timber piles and compost
Always ensure that timber piles are neatly stacked preventing shelter for rodents and snakes. Tidy up your yard during the colder months when snakes are less active.

Place food scraps in closed compost bins to make sure that rodents aren’t attracted to your home.

Nurseries and aviaries
Keep your nursery and greenhouse tidy. The warm environment can attract snakes.

Rats and birds attract snakes. Make your bird aviaries rat and snake-proof. Talk to your pet shop about ways to prevent snakes entering aviaries. Store bird seed in rodent-proof containers.

Gardening and yard work
When gardening, wear gloves, long pants and covered shoes.

Always lift objects so that they face away from you. This reduces the likelihood of putting yourself in a dangerous situation if a snake is sheltering underneath. Call our Snake catcher if you do come across a snake in your garden.

The outdoors
When hiking:

always stay on formed paths or tracks so that you can see and avoid snakes,
carry a first aid kit that contains pressure bandages with you,
always wear protective clothing such as covered shoes and trousers, and
carry a torch at night so that you can see where you are going. Our Snake
removal services Brisbane are available 24 hour a day call us today Snake Removal Ipswich, Brisbane and Logan N&S Snake catchers call our friendly snake removal services Brisbane today on 0415136941 if you need a snake removed and relocated away from your home, yard, roof, school or work place.