On the Hunt for a 24 Hour Snake Catcher Near Brisbane?

Animals are beautiful, but you don’t necessarily want them coming into your Brisbane home or your workplace unannounced. Some animals are irritating, and others can be downright scary. Take snakes, for instance. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them …read more.

Snake Safety in Ipswich: Tips from A 24 Hour Snake Catcher

It’s spring time in Australia, and that means that snakes are in their mating season. Snakes are generally more active in spring while looking for mates before their activity slows down as they spend the summer and autumn looking for food. Snake catchers …read more.

Snake in my home

When you come across a snake in your home or a room, close off that bedroom door and put a few damp towels under the gap so the snake doesn’t escape from that room. Contact us N&S Snake Catcher 0415136941 …read more.

Protect Yourself and your Pets by Having a 24 Hour Snake Catcher in Logan on your Speed-dial

As an Australian resident, you probably accept that from time to time you’ll encounter some of Australia’s wildlife. Some will be cute and cuddly, but others such as spiders and snakes are not so welcome, especially if they make their way into your home …read more.

Where to Go for 24 Hour Snake Removal in Brisbane

Keeping your property safe and secure can be a difficult task. There’s maintenance involved to keep it looking beautiful, and security required to prevent unwanted guests from setting foot on your land—but what do you do when those guests are animals, and …read more.

24 Hour Snake Removal in Logan City Made Easier Than Ever

What should you do if you find an unwanted snake on your property? Well, before we get to that, let’s talk about what not to do. First of all, don’t try to kill it. Snakes are protected under Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act of 1992, which means that if …read more.

Make Sure your School Yard is Clear of Snakes with 24 Hour Snake Removal Services in Logan

The last place you want to see a snake is near your school, We tell our children to be wary of snakes, but kids can be curious about animals when they see them …read more.

N&S Snake Catcher: Your Ethical Snake Catcher for Removal and Relocation in Ipswich 0415136941

Snakes are wonderful creatures and perhaps have been around for millions, if not tens of millions of years. They have evolved and survived the natural selection process and fully deserve their place on the planet. With hundreds and maybe thousands of species …read more.

Experienced Snake Catcher Specialising in Ethical Removal and Relocation in Ipswich

Snakes are beautiful creatures with a whole slew of unique and fascinating characteristics. Many world cultures deified snakes as symbols of health, creation, and youth. Today it’s rare to talk to someone who worships snakes but even if they’re …read more.