Snake Identification in Ipswich, Brisbane & Logan, Call Out Fee Applies.

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There is great variation between individuals within a single species of snake. The descriptions below are based on general characteristics. It can be difficult for people to positively identify some snakes. Never approach snakes and never assume that they are non-venomous. If your unsure what snake it is treat it as a venomous snake and Please leave it for our highly trained snake catcher’s to Positively identify the snake for you. Contact our highly trained professional Brisbane Snake Catcher’s today 0415136941.

Snakes of greater Brisbane.

Below are the most common Snakes we are removing from homes, yards, schools, businesses in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan and surrouned areas are


Eastern Brown Snake.
Carpet Python Snake.
Yellow-Faced Whiped Snake.
Red-Bellied Black Snake.
Common Tree Snake.
Brown Tree Snake.
Small-eyed Snake.
Keelback Snake.


Here some information and photos on snakes identification. We have been catching and removing snakes from peoples homes in the areas Brisbane, Ispwich, Logan and all surrounding areas in SE Queensland.

N&S Snake Catcher’s Brisbane have been removing and relocating snakes also removing snakes from peoples homes, yards roofs,schools,and businesses.
Book in today for N&S Snake Catcher-Snake Removal Brisbane for a yard inspection or  a roof inspections, as 1 in 3 houses will have a carpet python in their roof, specially during winter time as its a perfect warm spot for snakes to curl up. Contact our friendly Brisbane, Ipswich & Logan snake catchers today on 0415136941 today.

Brown Tree Snake (Boiga Irregularis)

Length up to 2meters. Upper body is reddish to brown or even orange with irregular dark cross ands, belly cream or orange colour. Slender body and neck with large eyes with vertical pupils. Weakly Venomous, Nocturnal active by night.


Carpet Python Snake (Morelia Spilota)

Length up to 3meters, heavy body, highly variable colours, olive with black edge, blotched pattern, belly cream to white. Non Venomous Snake, Active day and night, bites may cause lacerations.


Coastal Taipan Snake (Oxyuranus Scutellatus)

Length up to 3meter. Light brown to almost black, belly cream with oranges spots and blotches. Head is long and angular distinct from neck, snout and face is generally paler. Highly Venomous Snake, Bite from this species should seek immediately correct first aid and seek medical attention.


Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snake climbs up a flight of stairs in Brisbane Wow we haven’t never come across or have seen this before this Eastern Brown Snake, second most venomous snake in the world climbs up on these flights of stairs ontop of the highway overpass near gailes station. Folks Venomous snakes can climb. N&S Snake…


Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja Textilis)

Length up to 2.2 meters, highly variable in colour and patterns range from, brown, pale tan, dark brown, orange, run set to almost black plain or crossed banding, belly usually cream with orange or grey spotting. Juvenile vary in colour plain or banded frequently having dark heads or neck bands or either being completely banded along the body.


Keelback Snake (Tropidonophis Mairii)

Length up to 1 meter. Grey, black or olive colour with irregular dark broken cross bands, bands may be broken. Belly cream pale rusty colour with orange flush edges. Active day and night.
Non Venomous.


Marsh Snake (Hemiaspis Signata)

Length up to 70cm, olive to brown black colour, belly dark brown or grey colour, two prominent pale yellowish stripes on side of face one extending along the upper lip, the other from eye to neck. Active day and night, Mildly Venomous treat with caution. All bites should be treated with correct first aid and seek medical attention.


Red Bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis Porphriacus)

Length 1.5 meter. Black expect for tip of snout which is paler brown. It’s belly is red flush, brighter on the sides and paler in the middle each belly scale with black hind edge, tail black on underside.
Highly Venomous, bites from this species should be treated immediately and treated with correct first aid.


Red-Naped Snake (Furina Diadema)

Length to 40cm, reddish brown colour other netted patterning, belly is white, head and neck is glossy black, with a orange bean shaped marking on nape. Nocturnal snake. Weakly Venomous.