24 Hour Logan Snake Removal.

The last place you want to see a snake is a near a school, or in a school yard. We educate children to be wary of snakes, but kids can be curious about snakes, when they see them. Snakes will usually move away quickly from humans, but if challenged they could strike. Therefore, if a snake appears in your school yard, you need to be sure you can call N&S Snake Catcher 24 hour Logan snake removal.

Every school should have a 24 hour snake removal service, and Logan residents will be pleased to know that N&S Snake Catcher’s  a snake removal service in Logan for over 28 years experience with snakes is right on their doorstep. With easy access to this service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Logan residents and schools can feel safe in the knowledge that a professional snake removal can be on hand quickly if a snake decides to pay a visit.

What Happens to a Snake after a Snake Removal from your Logan School Yard?

Children like to see snakes and any type of wildlife, and although they realise that some snakes can be venomous and can be deadly, they probably are curious about what happens after “their” snake has been taken away from the school. After all, they probably don’t want to see it harmed. So, what happens to a captured snake?

In virtually all cases, each snake that 24 hour Logan Snake Removal, removes gets a thorough assessment for injury. It’s very unlikely that a snake will be injured, but it’s always best to be sure – as an injured snake won’t last very long in the bush. The snake will then be taken to a remote to bushland away from homes and people and released back in an bush area where it will have plenty of space and make its new home. N&S 24 hour snake removal Logan makes every effort to relocate snakes into a suitable habitat where they will thrive.

Education about Snakes

If your school does have an encounter with a snake, why not make it into an educational experience for the children? Their interest will already be peaked, so now is a perfect time to follow up with a question and answer session about snakes.

As well as offering a Logan snake removal service, N&S Snake Catcher is an expert on all things to do with snakes and will be happy to talk to the school and teach them about the various snakes they are likely to see in the area, and valuable safety tips if they encounter one. Norman and Sally will be happy talk about snake, as well as all the different varieties of snakes they have encountered, and where they’ve found them. Call N&S Snake Catcher today if you need a snake removal service or education about snakes. Click on the link for N&S Wildlife Demonstrations http://www.nswildlifedemonstrations.com.au/