Experienced N&S Snake Catcher Specialising in Ethical Removal and Relocation in Ipswich

Snakes are beautiful creatures with a whole slew of unique and fascinating characteristics. Many world cultures deified snakes as symbols of health, creation, and youth. Today it’s rare to talk to someone who worships snakes but even if they’re not religious symbols they’re animals just like our dogs and cats, meaning they deserve the same respect and consideration for care as our furry friends. N&S Snake Catcher in Ipswich provides ethical snake removal in Ipswich and surrounding areas and we’re taking a look at why it’s important to contact a professional if you find a snake on your property.

Always Work with an Ethical Snake Catcher in Ipswich

There are about 140 different species of snakes in Australia and the majority of the most venomous snakes in the world reside on the continent. Fortunately, since the development of anti-venom annual fatalities are low; it is estimated that 4-5 people die from snake bites every year. However, in India fatalities from snake bites are estimated to reach 50,000 annually according to venom experts at the University of Queensland. This means it’s important to know where your nearest medical facility is and to make sure you have N&S snake Catcher Ipswich on speed dial if you see a snake on your property. However, most snake bites in Australia are the fault of the individual being bitten either for trying to kill the snake or picking up the snake.

Most snakes will slither away from humans as opposed to fighting them. Predominantly, snakes don’t perceive humans or larger animals as food; smaller pets can fall victim to snakes though if they’re not being watched. It’s important to note that snakes don’t bite out of malice, their venom is used to subdue prey that is too difficult for the snake to eat otherwise. If you’re in the way of a snake trying to make an escape and you try to kill it, it will respond instinctually by trying to defend itself. It’s important not to approach a snake until it’s properly identified and even then, you should always remain at a safe distance so it won’t feel threatened.

N&S Snake Catcher Ipswich offers 24-7 ethical snake relocation

If you live in Ipswich, N&S Snake Catcher offers 24-hour snake removal services. In addition to ethical snake removal and relocation, we provide other services such as snake identification and educational sessions for classes and smaller groups to inform people about snakes and desensitise them. With 28 years of experience working with snakes.  N&S Snake Catcher Ipswich has the knowledge and expertise to solve any snake problem you have while still maintaining respect for these creatures by relocating them to nearby forests or rural areas where they’ll be far removed from peoples’ residences. Don’t hesitate to reach out today if you’re interested in organising an educational session to learn more about these magnificent animals or if you’re in need of ethical snake relocation services.