N&S Snake Catcher: Your Ethical Snake Catcher for Snake Removal and Relocation in Ipswich 24/7 days a week.

Snakes are wonderful creatures and perhaps have been around for millions, if not tens of millions of years. They have evolved and survived the natural selection process and fully deserve their place on the planet. With hundreds and maybe thousands of species of snake around the world (many of which you can find in Australia), it’s hard not to admire these beautiful animals. It is for this very reason why snake enthusiasts such as Norman and Sally from N&S Snake Catcher, snake removal 24/7 days a week love the job they do and that is catching snakes from peoples homes and work place to help the public and also the snake to get safetly relocated the snake back into bushland.

With many areas of natural habitat succumbing to housing and commercial needs, the snake’s home in Australia is under threat, and for this reason, it’s essential to have services such as ethical snake removal in Ipswich and the surrounding areas in Queensland.

What is “ethical” snake removal? What Does an Ethical Snake Catcher snake removal and relocation in Ipswich do?

There are many ways to deal with a snake that has appeared on your property, but most of people involve killing the snake in question. Such is the way snakes are thought of, as dangerous and undesirable creatures, many people out of instinct feel the need to kill the snake in the quickest way they can. Not only is this the least effective way to deal with a snake visit, but most encounters leave the snake injured or yourself to be bitten by a snake as 95% of people that try and kill snakes end up bitten and in hospital which can lead to a very dangerous situation for yourself and the snake.

A better way is to call N&S Snake Catcher, Snake Removal and Relocation who will safely remove the snake quickly and effortlessly and also educate people about snakes, its very important peolpe are educated as this reduces the fear factor in people on snakes. They can then relocate the snake away from your home and relocate it away from homes and roads.

It’s important to know that snakes are far from pests, but rather they are incredible animals that we should respect and admire. After all, they do a lot of good in the environment and have just as much right to be here as we do.  So rather than thinking of extermination of these pesky visitors, consider ethical snake removal and relocation. Ipswich residents are lucky to have such a dedicated snake catcher on their doorstep, so it’s wise to use N&S Snake Catcher Snake Removal services whenever a snake comes calling.

N&S Snake Catcher, snake removal and relocation are Fully Licensed and Insured Convenient Snake Catcher in Ipswich

Besides being an ethical snake catcher with 26 years’ experience with handling snakes and reptiles, Norman from N&S knows that if you have an unwelcome visitor to your home, school or office or work place, you want speedy resolution. N&S Snake Removal Ipswich respond 24 hours a day, and seven days a week to capture all kinds of snakes that may appear on your property. We are reliable and convenient, and we get the job done. Not only that, we are friendly, affordable, fully insured, and full of interesting information about the wildlife we catch and release back into the wild.

Call N&S Snake Catcher snake removal and relocation today, or add 0415 136 941 to your speed dial, just in case you need our services in the future.